“Hypocrisy to ride the wave.”  The gatherings are on the side of the extremists

The climate in our country is glowing and not from now. The police sounded the alarm from the moments after Giorgia Meloni’s election. Valter Mazzetti, General Secretary of the FSP State Police, was very clear last October: “We must prepare for the fatigue usually associated with it Chaotic demonstrations The usual extremists and chaos-professionals take to the streets when a government they don’t like appears on the horizon“. The CEO at Meloni has not yet taken office, but there have already been clashes and protests in the field. Addressing the younger guys, the SAP secretary said they should.”Avoid being taken advantage of, just think with your own mindWhat was expected has happened, as evidenced by Student uprisingswhich has been going on for some time and now seems to have reached a breaking point.

That the problem is moving on more serious levels than one would like to believe is evidenced by the position taken by student groups against the current parliamentary left. Decisive rebellion, marks a furrow, and brings student congregations closer to extremist groups, who once called themselves outside parliamentarians and who share responsibility for the tense period in our country in the 1970s. A situation well described by the post posted by SAF movement in Florence, a statement in which they distance themselves from every political force in the democratic arc. Indeed, as might be expected, if the center-right is portrayed as “fascist” Parliamentary left It doesn’t get better treatment.

Many newsboys and many politicians, especially from the centre-left, suddenly elected themselves defenders of the Somme Collective students (whose defense had never called for them). It is these same characters who periodically condemn our “disturbing” or “violent” actions, They deploredistorting and distorting facts in order to demonize and isolate our oppositionWrite the students in their statement. Where again we read:Only when their political region is in total crisis and continues to suffer defeat after defeat do they decide according to their model. hypocrisy to ride the wave. You are guided by comfort, we are by ideas“.

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The message of the al-Suf movement bears the hallmarks of a political manifesto placed on the far left:We never left nor will we leave space to work fascists, their publications and their ideology will not enter our schools, and we demand that those who, only now, have taken sides, take concrete and one-time action in line with the anti-fascism with which they fill their mouths and demand the closure as soon as possible of the headquarters of neo-fascist movements in Florence and beyond. If change does not come from above, it will come from below. We are not afraid and we will continue in our country struggle“.

Furthermore, one cannot fail to mention an alarming passage from the Sav movement’s manifesto, which attacks Mayor Nardella and Governor Gianni for allowing associations “He took to the arena all 10/2, protecting them with trucks and degos and giving the attackers in front of Michelangelo a. spare storage to go to schoolBut this passage is key: if right-wing activists are given protection, there is clearly a grave danger to their safety, arising precisely from left-wing rallies.


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