President Joe Biden appeared on his first night-time television show since taking office in January, touching on a number of topics, including a virtual interview on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallen,” including inflation and its own approval rating. .

The president’s famous self – esteem comedy was on full display as he jokingly spoke with Fallon on Friday night about his ‘low’ recognition rating. They delivered “terribly harsh” political speeches.

Fallon asked the president if he was focusing on approval ratings. “Well, not anymore,” President Biden replied. “I’m not saying this for fun. I’m careful when they ‘are in their mid’s, but now that they’ are in their 40s, I do not care.

As he praised the late Senator Bob Dole, the president was a little late in starting his faction. “We are friends. We do not agree, but we are friends,” the president said, talking about the bilateral nature of his relationship with Doll. He lamented how things have changed since he began his political career in the early 1970s. , Elements of QAnon and Republicans and what Donald Trump continues to do – it seems to me that he should feed himself with the big lie. That fact must be taken into account. “

President Biden cites Trump’s repeated allegations of unsubstantiated electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election, as well as the QAnon conspiracy to claim that Trump is fighting an international mob of satanic pedophiles.

See President Biden and Jimmy Fallon below.

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