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Taiwan has urged China to “face reality” and respect the election results that saw William Lai, the Democratic Progressive Party candidate and current vice president, win the island's presidential election. We read in a memorandum that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “calls on the Beijing authorities to respect the election results, face reality, and abandon plans to suppress Taiwan so that positive cross-Strait interactions return to the right track.”

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In its first official comment after the elections, China did not hide its disappointment. Chen Binhua, spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, said the results reveal that the Democratic Progressive Party “cannot represent mainstream public opinion on the island” and “will not prevent the inevitable trend of China's reunification.”

A few hours later, “official announcements” also arrived from Beijing to the Japanese Foreign Minister in response to Tokyo’s blatant congratulations for “regional elections on the Chinese island of Taiwan.” The Chinese Embassy in Rising Sun confirmed, in a statement, that “this constitutes serious interference in China’s internal affairs, a clear violation of the “one China” principle, and a clear contradiction with the spirit of the four political documents between China and Iran.” Japan”.

An unofficial American delegation is expected to arrive today

An unofficial delegation sent by the United States will arrive in Taiwan today, the day after the presidential election won by William: this was announced by the American Institute in Taiwan.
The delegation consists of former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, former Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg, and the head of the American Institute in Taiwan, Laura Rosenberger, and will meet tomorrow “with a number of prominent political figures and convey the congratulations of the American people.” In Taiwan for the success of the elections.”

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