“Inappropriate comments and positions”: Davide Serra was sentenced to compensate his former manager in Al-Jabri with 37 thousand euros

David Serrathe Italian financier who was transferred to London and Managing Director of the company city from the investment fund Algebrato compensate a former manager of his company for 32 thousand pounds for several Inappropriate comments and attitudes towards him in the years they worked together. The news was reported by a tabloid daily Mail who brings back the woman’s copy, Jolanda Nicolinialso of Italian origin, according to which Serra, among other things, made comments on the size of her breastson him personal attitudes Or – in general – on confirmation “The unpredictability of women during their period” before being demoted.

The woman was included in the past as a friend and collaborator with the financier of electoral campaigns Matthew RenziAnd also the former head of the department Business development and investor relations inside algebra. role in which it took place £2.3m bonus Within six years of operation, according to mail, before being made redundant following a dispute with the company’s senior management over his business performance and recent management style. In the filing, the London newspaper wrote, the woman raised several “utterly inappropriate comments” made by Cera. In the end, she received compensation of 32,000 pounds, equivalent to about 37,000 euros.

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