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(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, Nov. 01 – There is controversy in the United States over a gesture Trump deems racist during a baseball game in Georgia. Former presidential couple Donald and Melania Trump shared a controversial gesture called a “tomahawk chop” for the Atlanta Braves in Game 4 of the World Series over the weekend against the Houston Astros.

An arm gesture used by Braves fans that symbolically evokes the use of the infamous “tomhawk” – a battle axe – by an Indian warrior. But the Tomahawk Chop is considered by many to be racist because it would denigrate Native American origins by comparing them to bloodthirsty savages.

Controversy has been going on for years but that hasn’t affected the team’s fan tradition, which seems to be resisting changes even in the football world itself, as the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians decided to change their names after protests from the indigenous communities.


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