México apoyó en reunión de G20 el impuesto mínimo global

Supported by Mexico Global minimum tax Avoid tax evasion, Especially of multinational corporations Digital economy, During the meeting of the Ministers Finance and Federal Governors G20.

At the end of the first meeting Face to face from February 2020 Venice agrees to present final plan with Italy, a group of countries representing 85% of the world economy Technical details At the October meeting.

Beginning December 1, Italy will head the G20 and end its presidency in November 2021. In Rome, the final summit will be held on October 30 and 31 at his behest.

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Secretariat Hasinda The Public Debt (SHCP) said Mexico’s participation in these meetings strengthens national presence and leadership in key global economic and financial debates in the post-Coward world.

In discussions on global taxes, he noted that ministers Finance They supported the plan to ensure that multinational companies, including digital, pay fair taxes wherever they are located.

In addition, a creating project Tax The SHCP states that at least 15% of the revenues of large foreign corporations should be covered by global corporations to prevent them from shifting their taxes to low-tax countries.

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