Der Ex-Reutlinger Noah Ganaus brachte den VfB II in Aalen mit 1:0 in Führung. Foto: Baumann/Alexander Keppler

Former Reutlinger Noah Janus gave a 1–0 lead in FB2 at Allen. Photo: Baumann/Alexander Keppler

In an intense and varied regional league derby, VfB Stuttgart II celebrates with a 2-1 victory over VfR Aalen. Two headers after corner kicks secure the three important points in the battle against relegation.

After the final whistle, VfR Aalen fell into disappointment on the grass at the Ostalb Arena, and VfB Stuttgart II hugged each other with glee: 2-1 (1-0) in the Württemberg derby at eye level Frank Fahrenhorst outperformed VfR in the table He thus scored three very important points in the race to stay in the regional football league. On the other hand, Allner has been waiting to win for eight games and is finally in the middle of the battle for athletic survival.

Goofy meets

VfR kicked off the lightning start. After just 14 seconds, Steffen Kienle sprinted toward VfB’s goal – but the former Olmer fired past her from 16 metres. VfB performed better in the 19th minute. After a corner kick from Thomas Rykdahl, Noah Janaus and new Winter signing from SS at Reutlingen stepped into the net from six meters to lead 1-0. Then Aalen grabbed the ball more in an intense and varied match, but the well-organized VfB was very compact. If something happened, goalkeeper Florian Schuke was there, like a 19-meter free kick by former Kickers pro Sandro Abrusia, which Schock directed at the crossbar.

Didavi nodded

VfR coached by Christian Demertas came out of the dressing room in front of 2,517 spectators with great momentum, continued to press, responded in FB, but did not allow themselves any chances – until they practically overpowered themselves in the 66th minute. The moment. A misunderstanding between Richard Will and goalkeeper Florian Schuk was used by Slovenian Christian Arh Sessen to make the score 1-1 (66). Will was injured and had to replace him.

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VfB did not let the setback deter them and kept calm. Again after a corner kick from Rekdal, Daniel Didavi made it 2-1 (75) with a slash header. After that, Schock had to show his skills again with a header from VFR defender Tim Schmidt (88), then the three very valuable points were in the bag.

VfB II continues next Saturday (2 pm) against 1. FC Gießen, Aalen must go to FSV Frankfurt.

line up

VfR Allen Peterok – Knipfer (46 Müller), Schmidt, Odabas, Heckmann (78 Seitz) – Abruscia, Elfadli, Hermann (78th Gucciardo) – Volz, Kienle, Cesen.

VFP Stuttgart II Shock – Because (Landu 69), Bazzoli, Nothnagel, Celebi – Rekdal, Didavi – Massimo (Kudala 69), Klimowicz (Eyibil 69), Polster (Reichardt 90) – Ganaus (Sonnenwald 86).

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