American action in Guyana: military maneuvers on the border with Venezuela

Tensions between Venezuela And Guyana For sovereigntyExquipo It caused a diplomatic earthquake in a large part of Latin America and beyond. After a decision Brazil By sending a military force to the borders with its two neighbors to monitor the situation and preserve its national security in the event of a possible escalation between the two parties, and here is the counteraction by the two countries. United State. Washington, which has so far remained on the sidelines in the entire issue, announced that it had begun air operations over the disputed Esquibo region in cooperation with local military authorities.

American move

Specifically, the US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) announced the start of the operation Military exercises Directly in Esquibo, in cooperation with Guyanese Military Forces (GDF). We read these maneuvers in a statement issued by the American Embassy in Georgetown, “Build on engagement and routine operations to strengthen the U.S.-Guyana security partnership and enhance regional cooperation“.

In addition to this exercise, he adds:US South Com will continue its cooperation with the GDF in the sectors of disaster prevention, aviation, maritime security and combating transnational criminal organizations.The statement concluded that the United States will continue its commitment Reliable partner For Guyana’s security and will enhance regional cooperation and interoperability.

During a recent phone call with the President of Guyana. Muhammad Irfan AliUS Secretary of State, Anthony BlinkenHe reiterated that the United States supports Guyana’s claim to sovereignty. “The Minister reiterated the United States’ call for a peaceful solution to the conflict and for all parties to respect the 1899 arbitration award that defines the land border between Venezuela and Guyana, unless the parties reach a new agreement or a competent agreement. The legal body decides otherwise“, reads the transcript of the phone call from the US State Department.

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High tension between Venezuela and Guyana

the number of Venezuelan military Along the border with the Brazilian state of Roraima, it has increased in recent days, in the context of existing tensions between the authorities of Caracas and the authorities of Guyana.

Brazilian army sources explained that the state Roraima It is located on the border with Venezuela and Guyana, which have been fighting over the Essequibo region for more than a century, which is rich in oil, mineral and environmental resources. However, according to Brazilian sources cited CNN In Spanish, there is still no accurate data on the extent of the deployment of Venezuelan soldiers and military equipment in that region.

What is certain is that, as we mentioned, Brasilia has increased the number of its military forces in Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima, from 200 to 400 units. Furthermore, the army base in this city will be converted into a cavalry regiment with the arrival of 22 Guaicurus armored vehicles. At the same time, the number of military forces stationed in Pacaraima, on the border with Venezuela, should be increased from 30 to 130 soldiers. Commenting on this reinforcement, the Minister of Defense said: Jose Mocio Montero He stated that “Our borders are secure and we will not allow (Venezuelan forces) to pass through Brazil“.


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