Clicking Simulator X is an experience developed by Hawkie Studios for the Roblox platform. If you like idle clicker games. Click Simulator X might be the right game for you. Click to earn a click currency that you can use to buy newborns, pets and access to new areas. Pets will give you powerful multipliers for clicks and newborns will greatly increase your earnings per click. Can you reach the top of the leaderboard?

Use the full list of Clicking Simulator X codes to redeem the latest freebies available in the game. We have the latest action codes for the game, and you can use them to get currency, boosts, and even exclusive items. See the section below for more information on how to redeem codes in Click Simulator X. Don’t forget to bookmark the page and check back often for new icons and updates.

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All click Simulator X icons.

We have the full list of Roblox Clicking Simulator X codes below. You can enter any of these codes at the Code Redemption screen to claim free rewards such as boosts, coins, or even timed items. Tokens expire after a short time so make sure to use them while they are out or else they will be wasted. Check back soon for more updates.

Latest update of the game


Action Click Simulator X Code List

  • to free – Fortune boost for 10 minutes the new

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Expired codes

There are no expired codes.

Click FAQ about Simulator X codes

How to redeem codes

Here is how to redeem codes in Roblox Clicking Simulator X:

  1. Run Roblox Clicking Simulator X on your device.
  2. Click on the Twitter icon on the left.
  3. Enter the work code in the redemption code box.
  4. Click on the Redeem button to redeem the code.
  5. Enjoy free in-game rewards.
Clicking Simulator X Redeem Codes

Where do you get new codes?

Follow the official Tweet embed Twitter account for more codes, updates and announcements. You can also follow the game’s Roblox page or join the admin discord Community server to chat with other players, get new updates and announcements, and learn more about the game. Don’t forget to bookmark and follow our wiki code here if you want to stay in the loop.

These are all known codes included in Roblox Clicking Simulator X. As soon as we release new codes we will add them to our list, so remember to bookmark us and check back soon!

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