“I’ve never smoked, but I have stage 4 cancer. That’s how I found out.”

did not happen smoker in his life. That’s why, when they told her she could die for A.J cancer to lungsI do not believe that. Obviously Hyatt Natasha He has changed. At the age of 49, his goal is now to raise awareness of this topic. “You only need lungs to get cancer,” he said, “it just doesn’t happen if you’re a smoker.”

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Natasha’s story

Natasha is an elementary school teacher. “I started breathing like I had swallowed a toy dog ​​and my voice suddenly became hoarse last June,” she said. The symptoms disappeared after a few weeks, and then a strange mid-summer cough prevailed. So the 49-year-old decided to be examined by doctors, who gave her the shocking news. They discovered a mass of tissue on the lung. At first it was a shock, I told myself it was impossible because I had never smoked, ”she said.

Her life was suddenly shortened, even though the doctors didn’t tell her how long she should live. People can live with lung cancer for years and a recent scan showed a 25% reduction in lung cancer. “As far as I am concerned, I will still be here after 10 years. I want to live to the fullest without thinking about the remaining amount.”

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