Arcturus variant overwhelms India;  All you need to know and risks for Europe

The ARTURO variant worries the world

Unfortunately, covid is still among us And in some parts of the world it has returned to raise its head. L’Indiafor example, is now grappling with a new surge in dictated injuries Alt Arthur.
In the latest official report, dating back a few days, they are reported 1590 infections in just 24 hoursAs the daily positivity rate increased to 1.33% and a positivity rate weekly by 1.23%.
according to the data you providedIndian SARS-CoV-2 Genome Consortium (INSACOG), the increase in cases will depend on a new variant, unofficially dubbed on social media by the name Arthur.

According to a report issued byBritish agency Ukhsa(UK Health Security Agency) is a strain that contains three additional mutations nailswhich also spread to other parts of the world: From China to Canada and even the UK.
Is it worrying?
According to experts, at present, the Alt Arthur It is not an ultimatum, but only an alert (for Europe). One of his characteristics seems to be the ability to evade immune systemfrom the human body. This is why even fully vaccinated people in India have been asked to stay alert during this new wave.
However, there is no evidence for this, as reported by the newspaper Republicthe new variable may cause this to happen The most dangerous forms of infection. Despite this, the Indian authorities call for caution and respect for the usual simple rules Public health measuresSuch as avoiding crowded and poorly ventilated places, covering your mouth and nose when sneezing, etc.

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“the new Alt Arthur It is a topic for sociologists or lawyer scholars. no one Omicron variant increased so far pathogenicity or severity from covid. He doesn’t and Arturo won’t.” comment Matthew BassettiDirector of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the San Martino Hospital in Genoa.
Instead, he is less optimistic Fabrizio Pregliascoa virologist at Milan State University: Further confirmation of the virus’s perceived instability: a deceptive property in some ways, which has allowed Covid to do what it has done and which I fear will continue to do: create new variants capable of Dodge immunity And to keep viral circulation high.”
to Massimo CicuzziHead of the Medical Statistics and Epidemiology Unit of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Biomedical Campus in Rome, “We must not fear new waves in Italy.”


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