Walnut Ice Cream: Ready in 5 Minutes, No Ice Cream Maker Needed |  Early summer
Walnut ice cream – iFood.it (Photo Canva)

If we don’t have an ice cream parlor, don’t despair, we can still make excellent ice cream at home, with healthy and real ingredients.

There are days when it is too hot to go outside and go to the nearest ice cream shop Cool down with delicious ice cream. These are the times when we feel overwhelmed by the high temperatures and may not even have the classic bowl of ice cream in the freezer.

Or we have a box of ice cream bought at the supermarket, but we want to have it Home made ice cream. The solution is there and it’s so simple, we don’t even have to leave the house: we prepare it ourselves! Not to mention the satisfaction of eating our homemade ice cream.

And if we thought that all you need to make a good ice cream a few minutes? At this point nothing stops us anymore, not even that heat that prevents us from embarking on very long and elaborate preparations.

They serve Very few ingredients And the ice cream is ready. Let’s try to make it An easy nutty ice cream recipeA taste that ice cream parlors don’t often have. We need 100 grams of walnuts, 170 grams of condensed milk and 500 grams of liquid cream to whip up desserts, vegetables or fresh as we prefer. If we have chosen the fresh one, we will also need two tablespoons of sugar.

The benefits of nuts

In addition to being obviously very tasty and refreshing, nut ice cream is a guarantee for us Good power supply since Nuts are rich in nutrients such as fiber and vitamins (including vitamin E and B group) and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc.

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Plus nuts one too Source of protein and healthy fats, which will give us a pleasant feeling of satiety without weighing us down: this is another factor that will be very useful when we do not want to eat a lot of food due to the heat. Hazelnut ice cream will satisfy hunger and refresh us at the same time.

Walnut ice cream - iFood.it (Photo Pixabay)
Walnut ice cream – iFood.it (Pixabay photo)

Make nut ice cream without an ice cream maker

We pour into a bowl cold cream (if it is fresh cream, sugar must also be added) and condensed milk e We whip with electric beaters. Let’s just stop when it’s consistency Smooth and creamy And put it in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, chop the walnuts, leaving some whole for garnish, add them to the cream that we have put in the fridge, mix well and transfer. In the freezer for at least four hours In a suitable, airtight container.


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