Adds slog video messages to avoid encounters and video calls
This new function hopes to collaborate with working groups with different tables (Photo: Archive)

The messaging processor for Slog companies has announced that it is integrating a new functionality that will allow its users Record and send video messages In the same way that other content is sent in the middle of conversations between coworkers.

These video messages will be called Clips And communication between is expected to facilitate communication between employees Different time zones And Avoid meetings By video call for short topics or communications.

To record clips, you need to use a button on the text bar in the approved app chats with the video camera icon. From there you can choose whether to register Built-in camera or device screen, This option allows the user to appear at the same time as the window of the selected program.

Like other messages in chats, The rest of the users will be able to respond to the sent video Even with emojis, written messages and your own video or audio recordings.

Clips allow you to capture the device's screen and some windows (photo: slack)
Clips allow you to capture the device’s screen and some windows (photo: slack)

Some time ago it was rumored that the company would disappear after a certain time in a video process like Instagram stories, however, they would have decided on this latest version so it would be better integrated in the work environment.

Tamar Joshua, director of Slack Productions, explained in an interview with The Verge Portal that the decision to convert video messages to the platform would have been made. “How People Use Video” In other applications of this moment.

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In addition to the clips, the company announced its expansion Slack Connect So the companies that pay for it can call and create projects with other companies that use the free sample. They also announced a special edition for government agencies under the name GovSlack It is scheduled to launch by 2022.

Until now, the most recent and best functionality integrated into the news site has been the option of making calls that users can access and exit at any time, similar to how another well-known processor, Discord, works. .

Clips in Slacks have already started running for a few people on the platform, and the company hopes to reach all users by the end of this year.

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