Hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes on the island of Indonesia java after the volcano eruption Mount Semeru It happened a few hours ago Tsunami warning in Japan. With ash clouds about two kilometers high into the atmosphere, authorities are advising people to stay at least eight kilometers from the crater. As the volcanic cloud continues to drift along the river southeast of Mount Semeru, experts have warned people in the area to avoid the eight-mile zone. Shortly after the news of the eruption of the volcano High alert The Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation reported that what happened inevitably “increased the danger status of Mount Semeru from the third level to the fourth level,” that is, the highest. “This means that the population is threatened and that the volcano’s activity has intensified,” the spokesman explained. Hendra Gunawan to source Built-in TV. In videos with AFP shared by a local aid group Irannala rescue A huge cloud can be seen rising from the crater completely blocking the sun and nearby villages covered in ash, shrouded in a dark mist. According to local TV reports, today, December 4, the region was hit by monsoons, «With rainwater mixed with ashes». Lots of people started to descend from the sides of the volcano, says Thor Haq, head of the administration of Lumagang Province, where Mount Semeru is located, documents Kompas TV. «The residents of the two most vulnerable villages fled on their ownadded a spokesperson for the local rescue service. “Shelters have been set up to house the displaced, and the authorities have distributed masks to nearby residents to protect them from air pollution caused by the ash,” he added.

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Cover photo: EPA/Indonesian National Disaster Management Council | Mount Semeru eruption

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