The development of ride-sharing applications has reshaped the taxi industry significantly. These days, at least one application for requesting a trip is installed on every third smartphone in the US. As a result, people can easily request a ride anywhere in a few taps.

However, convenience is not the only benefit of taxi applications. They have transparent pricing, so clients pay a fixed price by picking a destination on a map. The price is calculated by algorithms so that clients get charged upfront using a credit card. Also, almost all applications have a rating system so that drivers that offer low-quality service don’t get any orders. It results in a better experience and lower rates.

Due to the popularity of the new way of requesting a ride, many apps have appeared. In the post below, we will review the top five taxi applications widely used in the USA.


Indeed, Uber is a niche leader that has been working for 11 years. During this time, the app became credible. It is used like an umbrella term that defines all ride-requesting applications and taxi services in most cases. It is a very convenient app that works fast and smoothly. It also has a high rating. The app works on different smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. Users can easily request a ride with a few taps on a device on their wrists. Besides, they have a web application so that you can request a trip home from your office computer before shutting it down.

Uber has a lot of stunning features. It shows the location of drivers and offers the opportunity to pick a car, which is quite common these days. However, it foresees the opportunity to share rides with up to two other people seamlessly. There is an emergency button that notifies the nearest police department about an accident if being used. Also, users can share information about their trip with others so that their friends or family members can monitor a ride in live time.

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It is a comprehensive app that makes transportation easy. Lyft is considered the primary Uber’s competitor. It offers the opportunity to request a trip or rent a shared bike. All that users need to do is to launch an app. It will detect a user’s location and show all the options available around. Worth noting, Lyft has the highest rating, which is 4.9 on AppStore. It showcases a high level of user satisfaction.

Users can pay using the app, so there is no need to use cash to get to any location. The company is presented country-wide, so it works almost anywhere. It’s quite popular among corporate clients and students because of a large number of great features. For instance, learners who spent all their budget on paying for essays online and checking whether Will Martins posted paperhelp review, can use Lyft to build a route and buy fare tickets on public transport. Also, people can use the application to rent cars in a few taps, without mileage limits.


Via is a five-star taxi application that has low rates. It is popular in NYC and Washington DC. It also supports a lot of other locations. However, the company is not presented country-wide. The application offers the opportunity to find the fastest and most affordable way to reach a destination, chosen on a map. You can buy fare tickets for public transport, share rides, or request trips in a few clicks using the application. It has a minimalistic and intuitive design, so the onboarding process is smooth and simple. Also, new clients get a free first ride if they redeem a promo code. They have good customer service that helps keep all clients satisfied.

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It is a simple but popular taxi application. The company is mostly presented in large cities. It foresees the ability to request a car trip only. Users need to pick a destination and pay upfront. However, some perks make the application popular.

Firstly, a lot of drivers are connected in large cities. Therefore, users can request rides in a few minutes. Secondly, they can schedule the pickup time, which is very convenient for students who are always in a hurry. In addition, they always have tight schedules, so they have to get to their destinations fast. If so, they will have more time for checking professional myassignmenthelp review by John Milovich, for example. Thirdly, they have a lot of cars for people with special needs.


This one is one of the most popular taxi apps that work country-wide. It focuses on corporate clients who need scheduled trips. Nevertheless, they offer a large variety of on-demand trips at any location. The application is similar to niched leaders. It has a map that allows users to monitor a driver’s location in live time and pay upfront using a credit card. However, since the application is business-oriented, users can request a ride in a limousine, which is quite a distinctive feature.


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