Goldman, Pesquet, Marceau ... Who will be the French favorite in 2021?

With the exception of Thomas Baskett, who is in the top 10, there are some changes in the JDD rankings this year

Like every year, The Sunday newspaper Published by Ifop Institute 50 personalities of French favorites produced by. As with 2020, some changes to look out for in 2021 are favored by Jean-Jacques Goldman and Sophie Marceau of the French. This is the 11th time the singer has been crowned, the third time for the actress (ranking equivalent in 2019). “Their first places respond to the same logic: their long-standing relationship with the French has made them iconic,” explains Frederick Toby, general director of Ipoh.

In men, Thomas Baskett made a sensational entry into the top 10. By gaining nine places, he removed astronaut Omar Sai, who had been in space for six months, from second place. “It is the adventurer-researcher who inspires dreams,” analyzes Frederick Toby. He also emulates a well-functioning, big-thinking France. The actor from the “Lupine” series meanwhile dropped to third place.

Personalities from the Southwest

Many personalities from the region, starting with Francis Cabral, appear in this ranking. The Lot-et-Garonnais singer took four places and took 5th place. A little further up, in 9th place is Bordeaux chef Philippe Etchebest, who lost two places compared to 2020. Finally, Jean Dujardin, who is with his family in Médoc, was relegated to 18th place.

Among women, Marianne Cotillard and Florence Forresti are back in the top 3, to the detriment of Alexandra Lamy and Mimi Mehti. JDD notes that the top 10 female personalities are the same as they were in 2020.

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Top 10 for men

1. Jean-Jack Goldman (=)

2. Thomas Basket (+9)

3. Omar Sai (-1)

4. Soprano (=)

5. Francis Cabral (+4)

6. Florent Pagny (-)

7. Danny Boone (+3)

8. Teddy Rainer (=)

9. Philip Etsebest (-2)

10. Jean-Pierre Bernard (-7)

Top 10 places in women

1. Sophie Marcio

2. Marion Cotillard (+3)

3. Florence Forestry (+1)

4. Louvain (+2)

5. Alexandra Lamy (-3)

6. Josian Balasco (+2)

7. Mimi Mehti (-4)

8. Peacock Farmer (+1)

9. Valerie Lemarcier (+1)

10. Kareen Lee Mercant (-3)


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