Chavismo, a failure that lasted for 25 years

Venezuela Chavez

Chavismo is celebrating a quarter century of the regime, an absolute disaster, but it has no intention of giving up power

Venezuela celebrated another February 2 on Friday. In fact, 25 years ago, Hugo Chavez He was sworn in before the “dying Constitution” (he said this when he took office) and began his first term. Today, his project that emerged around the Cuban Revolution, after a quarter of a century, has become a failure of utopia in front of everyone's eyes. Chavismo, which knows that 2024 is the key year for its stay in power, today celebrates another important anniversary, February 4, the anniversary of the failed coup attempt by Chavez in 1992. Project,” said the Vice President. Delcy Rodriguez, who took the opportunity to viciously attack Machado, who won the primary with nearly 93% of the vote in October: “The Violent Woman (the epithet Maduro repeats like a mantra) believes she has the birthright that her Yankee masters claim she has.” He is the president of Venezuela.”

However, Machado was disabled for 15 years Maduro risks winning the sham presidential election This year even if almost no one (only 15%) wants it. In the background, the numbers speak clearly of Chavista's tragedy: GDP today is a third of that of 1999, and oil production, which in 2023 was 749 thousand barrels per day, is more than three million 25 years ago. Only about 300,000 Venezuelans had immigrated from Venezuela when Chavez took power. Today, they have already crossed the 8.5 million mark, and the United States fears that another ongoing electoral fraud could open the door to further mass exodus. Not to mention the largest embezzlement due to corruption in history, worth about 400 billion euros. According to the Transparency International Index, only Somalia surpasses Venezuela in corruption worldwide.

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Paolo Manzo, February 4, 2024

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