Maroc-Actu - Intel announces vPro Enterprise platform with 12th generation Core processors

Marrakesh on March 4 (Morocco News) –

Intel Corporation announced the past vPro . board format For enterprise environments, powered by 12th generation processors and designed to deliver security, performance, and management capabilities.

Intel vPro offers a comprehensive range of platforms For businesses of all sizes. vPro Enterprise for Windows It targets large organizations and managed organizations with a comprehensive set of technologies to help them stay ahead of security threats.

for this part, vPro . Basics It extends to the small and medium business segment and security and device management capabilities that were previously reserved for large organizations. It also includes Intel Hardware Shield to help protect Windows-based platforms.

and intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome It creates a new class of Chromebooks for enterprise environments with the performance, stability, and security technologies businesses need.

The Intel vPro platform, based on the Intel 7 process, takes a leap forward in true business performance with Intel vPro technology. 12th generation Intel Core processors, with the design that Matches efficiency cores (electronic colors) and performance cores (P-cores). To enable multitasking and collaboration, Intel said in a statement.

12th generation Intel processors laptops View the performance of the main applications Up to 27% faster Compared to the previous generation, core application performance is up to 41% faster than the competition, according to CrossMark results compiled by Intel.

for processors for DesktopsView the performance of the main applications Up to 21% faster Compared to the previous generation, and 44% faster performance of core applications than the competition.

When it comes to security, vPro advances technology Intel Thread Detection hardware-based ransomware detection technology.It uses artificial intelligence to detect attacks related to life above Earth and the supply chain, known as abnormal behavior detection.

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New silicon-based capabilities are compatible with The next wave of operating system virtualization. It is expected that, in addition to improvements to Intel chipsets with new bug detection, it is expected to help prevent malicious code invasions.


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