I Google Play Store The reward system became a long time ago Google Play Points Introduction, in which users can collect points for every purchase and exchange them for various goodies. Motivation can be controlled, so success has likely fallen by the wayside so far. This has now been recognized and it has been announced that points can be used for payment within the Google Play Store and in apps.

Google Play Points logo

Google Play Points is among the many reward programs in the Google Play Store. Each user can register for it and then collect points for each purchase. Depending on the category, there are different point systems, reward levels, different upgrades, and other activities to fill up the points account. These points can be used for a variety of benefits and can previously be redeemed for additional Google Play credit. This in turn can be used for payment in the Play Store.

Android Google Play Points Balance

This process is now much easier for all users and they are given the opportunity to pay directly with their points account. During the payment process, this balance can be chosen like all other forms of credit, as can be seen from the screenshots above. The conversion of points to euros or dollars is provided as additional information, and there may also be different promotions and “exchange rates” for this in the future.

This innovation was first shown a few months ago and is now officially announced to all users around the world. This applies to everyone who can already use Play Points – including in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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