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March 16 09:58

Starting at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Olympia will play in the classification for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. To achieve that, they will have to overcome the 3-1 result they suffered in Rio de Janeiro last week against Fluminense.

The fringed captain, Richard Ortiz, believes in a comeback and assures that with the support of the goal-scorching fans, who will fill the stands of Defenses del Chaco, “anything is possible”.

En la conferencia de prensa previa al partido, Ortiz expresó: “Sabemos la dificultad que tiene el partido, pero de local y con nuestra gente, todo es posible. Sabemos que el estadio estará lleno, ahora solo depende de nosotros entrarido part Whatever”.

For the midfielder, the key to the match will be to get out of the first minute and not allow the opponent to build their game. “We have 90 minutes to reflect the score, we have to go out and look for the match from the first minute, we don’t have to let them play. We arrive with confidence after winning the classic,” he said.


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March 16 09:23

Olympia needs a two-goal win to enforce the penalty shootout definition against Fluminense, while a three-goal win gives them the direct classification.

Any other result would take him out of the Copa Libertadores and send him to the Copa Sudamericana.

Given this result by two goals or more, Julio César Cáceres prepared the eleven who will take to the field of play for Defensores del Chaco this Wednesday and without much change.

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Regarding the team that started the first leg, the “Emperor” will only make forced changes, those of the two sides unable to play due to the accumulation of yellow cards.

This way, eleven will be with Gaston Olvera; Sergio Ottalvaro, Saul Salcedo, Antolin Alcaraz, and Matteo Gamarra; Alejandro Silva, Marcos Gomez, Richard Ortiz, and Fernando Cardozo; Derlis González and Jorge Recalde.


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March 16 08:30

Olympia faces a very complicated cup week, because they are in the third stage of the Libertadores and must beat the series against Fluminense (1-3) to enter the group area. The Conmebol Libertadores account has posted an intriguing arrangement on its social networks, where the fringe has been found again and that could be a way forward.

Olympia is one of the teams that has played the most penalty shootout in the history of the Libertadores. According to the number of times, Boca Juniors shares first place, 12 chances, and in terms of effectiveness, it has 6 victories in this way.

Exactly, last season, they sealed a pass to the quarter-finals on penalties, by eliminating Internacional in Brazil. One of the most remembered definitions of penalty shootouts, is the one that dates back to 2002, when he beat São Caetano in the final to win his third Cup.

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