President Emmanuel Macron promised to help 100 euros to offset the inflation that was present in France after the health crisis. A check can only be welcome with all those people today who are struggling to make ends meet. Especially with the end of the year celebrations fast approaching. This is undoubtedly the reason for the government’s decision to pay this stipend as of December, and scholarship students will be among the first recipients. However, it is not recommended to rely too much on this because a new, unfavorable factor has just intervened and can put everything at risk.

Doubt the inflation allowance of 100 euros

If the CEO counts on this €100 inflation allowance to best help the French in this recovery period, the Senate does not seem to endorse this view. Republicans see no point in providing this contribution to the 38 million citizens who still benefit from it. Above all, the effectiveness of this funding has been called into question. As confirmed by the words of Jean-François Husson who is none other than the General Rapporteur.

So the ball is now in the hands of the Senate, which is likely to oppose the inflation compensation payment. However, a last resort is to return it if the modification is rejected. You will understand, nothing has been won yet.

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