Red Bull Salzburg missed the Group H win in the Champions Hockey League (CHL). Coach Matt McElvan’s team lost Tuesday night in the fifth game at home to its rival in the Hockey League ICE Südtirol, after leading 1-0 with 3: 5. Thus, Bolzano tied the “Bulls” on points. High tension is ensured ahead of the crucial ‘rematch’ on 12 October in South Tyrol in the group fight.

Both teams already have the promotion in their pockets, but the group winner has the advantage that he will be named runners-up in another group in the round of 16 draw on October 15. Without JP Lamoreaux, Tai Looney, Lucas Schreyer as well as the ailing Alexander Balstrang, Salzburg suffered its first defeat in front of 864 spectators.

On the Salzburg Ice Arena, Peter Hochkofler (11th place) made a great start with one stroke. Matthew Mayoni (15th) and Brett Findlay (19th) turned the tide of the match before the first third half. It was Findlay who consolidated the lead with his second goal (32). Then the hosts pressed the contact goal, which Peter Schneider (56th place) was already able to achieve. This ensures a smooth finish.

Salzburg risked it all, but received an empty net hit from Dustin Jasley (59th place). Danjo Leonhardt (60th place) managed to make 3:4, but Domenic Alberga (60th place) immediately clarified everything. Thus, Salzburg’s revenge failed after being defeated at home 0-3 in a direct duel two weeks ago.


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