“He wrote to me, ‘Kill yourself,’ from an anonymous account.”

a Illiterate She harassed her daughter online, but was later caught. there victim girl Cyber ​​bullying I spotted that unknown dwarf behind i Hate messages The one he got last year was his mother’s. Kendra Gayle Lecarifollower Michigan, abused her daughter online using juvenile slang to avoid identification. She was arrested last month after a year-long investigation, which he also attendedFBI.

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Mom harassing her daughter online, vpn to hide

Though Licari used a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to disguise the source of the messages and bundled his messages in juvenile slang to make it look like they were written by a boy or a girl. But investigators were eventually able to connect the letters to Licari.

Hate messages

The report stated, “Most of the messages contain hate speech and contain language such as ‘Kill yourself…’ Many of the messages repeat the same language.”

The complaint

After the victim turned to her mother for help, she allegedly reported everything to the authorities. She even teamed up with the mother of her daughter’s then-boyfriend to “help” find a cyberbully who was sending the poor girl up to twelve messages a day. At first, the school authorities could not help and local law enforcement lacked the resources to track down the perpetrator.

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“When the case first came to our office, it was strange, almost unbelievable,” Isabella County District Attorney David Barbari told local radio station WKRC. It’s an ongoing campaign of abuse, he added: “We’re talking several hundred text messages, there’s over 1,000 pages of text on file.” Barbary said the messages were “mostly annoying, demeaning and mean texting”. However, after FBI computer experts determined that the messages were from Lecari’s phone, she broke down under investigation and admitted to a bullying spree against her daughter. Peel City School Principal William Shilman said the 42-year-old Licari was a basketball coach at his daughter’s school at the time of her actions. Licari was arraigned on Monday, December 12, and released on $5,000 bail.

Using a computer to commit is a felony in the United States, with a possible penalty of up to 10 years in prison. Licari has also been charged with stalking a minor and obstruction of justice – both cases could result in another 5 years behind bars. It is currently unclear whether there is enough evidence to refer the case to trial and the hearing on this matter has been postponed to January 12, without giving reasons.


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