Ford has announced that it will split into two separate but strategically linked automotive companies, Ford Blue and Ford Model E.

Let’s start with the electric model, called the Ford Model E, that will offer options like the Mustang Mach-E in addition to the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Doug Field, a former Tesla and Apple CEO set to serve as director of digital systems and electric vehicles, was hired by Ford last fall, after leaving Tesla in 2018 and working on the Apple Project Titan for the autonomous electric car for several years.

For his part, Ford President and CEO Jim Farley will also lead the Model E unit, while Kumar Galorta, Ford’s president of the Americas and International Markets Group, will head the blue division.

Tesla is worth more than Ford, Volkswagen and 10 other automakers combined

Ford Model E.

In addition to product development, Ford’s new chassis will address another issue related to multiple vaporware vehicles; Selling them to customers, the fact is that the unit will drive the creation of new shopping experiences as well as properties for its future customers which includes e-commerce platforms.

However, one of the main problems this new Ford division will have is the lack of chips, which is the lack of stock.

While showing the projects, Ford did not provide details on how this would affect commissions as well as other aspects of the dealer’s business.

While electric car companies like Tesla still don’t dominate sales in the segment today, Ford and other automakers are still talking about big catch-up plans.

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Stellantis showed an image of an electric Jeep while presenting a plan called “Dare Forward 2030” to meet electrification and software commitments, while General Motors will invest $35 billion through 2025 to build electric and self-driving cars, along with what has been accomplished by Ford. It indicates that the future of cars is far from gasoline.

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