SNCF.  TER traffic was severely disrupted on Tuesday 9 November in Alsace

TER train and bus traffic will be severely disrupted in Alsace on Tuesday 9 November, due to a local social movement in the SNCF. TGV traffic will remain normal.

TER train and bus traffic will be provided for 3 out of 10 on average, the south of the territory being less affected than the north:

– Étoile de Mulhouse: 6 out of 10 runs on average, except for the tram, which will be normal.

– Mulhouse/Paris by TER: Normal.

– Étoile de Strasbourg: One return trip during rush hour on each line on average.

– TER 200 (Strasbourg – Mulhouse / Basel): 1 TER in 4.

Strasbourg/Metz: 2 out of 5.

Strasbourg/Nancy: 1 out of 2.

– Strasbourg / Paris by TER: No traffic.

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Traffic will be normal on Monday, 8 November in Alsace, except for TER Strasbourg/Paris (no traffic). On Wednesday morning, traffic will gradually resume to normal when service begins.

Customers are welcome to familiarize themselves with the movement of their train on SNCF Assistant, TER Grand Est website (“Trouble Situations” section) And also on all SNCF instruments from Sunday evening.


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