On Wednesday, November 1, 2021, Fauve Hautot and Tayc are invited to a group day to day. In front of Yann Barthès, the singer expressed the reasons for the success of their collaboration on Dance with the Stars.

Fauve Hautot and Tayc set the ground on fire dance with the stars for several weeks. On September 17, 2021, TF1 kicked off this 10th season. Among the nominees, Tyke was in a duet with Fauve Hautot. And the least we can say is that they managed to impress everyone from their first choreography. So it’s no surprise that the two candidates advanced up the ranks so brilliantly that they found themselves in the final against Micho and Elsa Boa, as well as Bilal Hassani and Jordan.

Unsurprisingly, the duo won the show with an impressive 40-point dance (maximum, editor’s note). Exploitation Taek said in columns screen star The day after his victory: “I don’t think anyone has had it all season. So I’m so happy, so proud of myself, so proud of what Vauve was able to put in my head because she knows I’m a headstrong and you have to knock her over (laughs). She did it brilliantly so I respect her and send her all my love.”

‘I felt important’

And this Wednesday, December 1, 2021, the two winners of dance with the stars They are invited to a group day to day In order to return to this crazy adventure. Success comes, according to Tyke, from the fact that everyone participated in their own way in the choreography and in the project. A way of doing things that fit perfectly with his personality and in which he was able to find his balance. an actress do not let me By making it clear that it is the production that chooses the music and then, the dancers train and choreograph before commissioning: “I did the bulk of the dance and left little spaces so he could make his own moves to mix the two worlds into one”.

Then Taek confirms: That’s what was really interesting. I am someone who needs to feel important every time. And I needed to feel like I was working, too. Felt like I wasn’t just a ready choreographer? I felt important.” The key to success is finally revealed!

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