Raphy Pina pide permiso al tribunal para viajar a RD por el nacimiento de su hija

Urban music producer Ravi Pena asked Federal Court permission to travel to the Dominican Republic for 30 days in order to give birth to his daughter with Nati Natasha.

Pina wants to come to the country because the baby will likely be born on May 28, the same day that the producer’s father, who was Dominican, turns 21, so this will be in his honor.

“If people knew what this man means in my life and this out of nowhere, and by the grace of God, I would have a child with someone I love so much, a girl, and … With predictions that he will be born on May 28, 21 years after his death … The least I can offer him in his honor is that she will be a Dominican like him. “ Bina wrote on Instagram.

According to the documents that Jorge Papon “Molosco” showed on his YouTube channel, the request submitted to the judge is to amend the travel restrictions imposed as part of his million-dollar bond so that he is allowed to travel to the Dominican Republic, specifically, permission to go to Santiago de los Caballeros, Nati’s hometown and where the delivery will take place.

Puerto Rico’s attorneys argued that Bena Nevis had already obtained permission to use her boat in the waters off Puerto Rico and near Miami, two places where her movements are restricted as part of the bond.

According to Puerto Rican media, they have also offered to use the same GPS tracker he uses when he’s on his boat and to inform monitoring officers twice a day. The Miami probation officer had already accepted the request.

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The proposal states that the petition “has deeply rooted personal motives.” Since the father of Bena Neves was born in Santiago de los Caballeros and died on May 28, 2000, that is, exactly 21 years before the date on which the fourth daughter of the producer is supposed to be born.

He wishes that the girl would be born in the Dominican Republic in honor of her father’s memory Also, as a reaffirmation of the cultural heritage of him and Mrs. Gutierrez, “the attorneys point out while noting that Bena Nevis” worships “her father.

It is noteworthy that on August 13 for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition despite being convicted.

Actor Daddy Yankee and Nati Natasha have secured a $ 1 million bond. It was also agreed to hand over her passport Bina.

Last April, federal agents raided the Pena property, located in the Caguas Real metropolitan area and Rogelio’s Ice Plant fuel station, also in Caguas.

Federal Judge Daniel R. Dominguez takes over Pina Nevis with two years of supervised release on January 25, 2016, for her participation in a plot plot to embezzle defunct Doral Bank for $ 4.1 million by purchasing a home in Palmas del Mar, Humacao.


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