Can Britney Spears marry?  These details that cause confusion and bewilderment fans (photo)

Britney Spears She will be a married woman, according to her latest Instagram posts. For five years, the translator of “Toxic” has appeared on the muscular arm of model and sports coach Sam Asgari, whom she met on the set of her clip “Slumber Party”. But while the singer could not marry her beautiful dark brown, due to the famous guardianship that deprived her of her basic rights, today she is completely free! Free to buy whatever she wants, drive her own car and, above all, free to marry and have children. And God knows if the British Briton was eagerly awaiting this moment.

While we already knew that they were engaged since last September, it looks like Britney and Sam have taken their next step: getting married. In any case, this is what the star’s new posts on Instagram suggest. Currently, the blonde is posting a lot of photos of her vacation in the islands. The one where she was standing completely naked on the beach also made a fuss. But recently, it was his video of baby turtles that challenged netizens. In legend, to describe her companion Sam Asgari, Britney now wrote “My Husband” or “My Husband” in French! Ditto under another post: a black and white photo of Sam in a suit, lying on a deck chair. She posts: “What a beautiful picture of my husband.” To which the manager replies: “I said, dear, more cake.” wedding cake? false evidence. Sam just celebrated his birthday (He is 28 years old). But who knows? Perhaps the lovebirds took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

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In any case, the fact that Britney is now using the term “my husband” to describe her dear and tender leaves serious doubts about the nature of their relationship. Because there is no other element that makes it possible to formalize the thing. No photo of a ring, party, cake…nothing! Something to impress fans who ask themselves in the comments. “My husband?” they ask. We also look forward to learning more…


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