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La photo de Scottish anthem

Quinté + on Sunday in ParisLongchamp with the first test for the handicapped split (ref. The ground was declared as good from soft to good by France Galop. Curb at 4 metres. scottish melody (Our photo) deserves a lot of recognition for its regularity.

7 scottish melody .: Regular and confirmed disability, this one lives inAndre Fabre He finished fourth at Quinté + 8 May in Saint-Cloud. He has the advantage of getting a job and has previously participated in the ParisLongchamp racecourse. With good series No. (4) and ascending Mikael Barzalonathe son of Lope de Vega must still be around.

2 will follow : The second in the Quinté + reference issued on May 8, this colt from the training Freddy Head Proven to be highly competitive in handicap with a value of 38.5. It is within walking distance, has a convenient chain number (6) and takes advantage of the ride Maxim Guyon. This Intello son has a lot going for it.

9 Forchester : 5th in Quinté+ on May 8, he did very well on his second attempt at handicap. Still very perfect, having run a bit. He will have it again Christophe Sommillon as a knight and will wear a blinker for the first time.

6 blue hawk : He only placed seventh in the main race on May 8, but finished the race very cheerfully. At the end of a good trip, this good designer is able to pleasantly surprise.

13 Yes Forever : This skill was made by Christopher Ferland He only ran three times. She finished third and won on April 16 in her first match in Toulouse at 1,600 metres. As for his first handicap, with a value of 36, it is advisable to be wary of it.

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14 Crazy Red : It comes from the claim, but it shows great regularity. As for his return to handicap, he appears to be able to perform well with a value of 35.5. Moreover, he will have Stefan Basker as a knight.

10 edamame : Still on a very easy victory in the +27 reference hurdle in Saint Cloud, at 1,600 metres. He has been penalized 4kg and is rising in the category, but he seems to be making progress and his limits are unknown.

5 pink lady : 6th place in the reference Quinté + released on May 8, he is theoretically contender in this event. Unfortunately, this is a resident Stefan Wattel Inherited stall 16. But with a good run in the race, it is not able to occupy a small place.

If it does not start : 12 samurai shark

Choosing Nicolas Labora

7 scottish melody
2 will read
Opportunity rules
9 Forchester
6 blue hawk
13 yes forever
the outside
14 crazy red
10 edamame
5 pink lady

Prognosis Summary:

7 – Scottish flamingo

a blow to the heart
6 – Blue Hawk

crazy moment
10- Edamame

Lu pronounce ZEturf.frLu pronounce ZEturf.fr

Sitlow will be there!

We’re approaching the big handicap on Sunday at Longchamp, Ze5-Sunday event supportAimed at 3-year-olds, it will be contested over the 1,600 metres.

The May 8 line in St-Cloud will act as a support point knowing that newcomers at this level can differentiate themselves. this object, Citelloexcellent at the beginning of the month, and it makes sense that he is very prominent here, even if he should dominate Forchester Which was one of the good impressions that day, but also Anthurwhich, so to speak, did not take place in the same event, and ended with a run.

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Scottish anthema regularity model by a small margin, will remain on the horizon for the best places, with potential discoveries such as Saint Helier Who did so with authority in Lyon, like edamame He did it at Val d’Or in a low field. Wassim It doesn’t have to be this long and he’ll be sent back to the runner-up yes forever, To discover in this category. everlo It’ll make the outside fun, like pink lady.

Choosing ZEturf.fr

number Cheval jockey
2 will read Gion M.
9 Forchester Somilon C.
1 Intur Moss c.
7 scottish melody Barzalona m.
11 Saint Helier Thomas Ron.
10 edamame Christos A.
13 yes forever DEMURO C.

press selection

Every day, Canalturf invites you to give advice Quinté Race +And the List of the ten horses selected by the main newspapers of the horse press (Paris Turf, Tiercé Magazine, Bilto, France Turf, Last Turf, Le Progrès de Lyon, Ouest France, Paris Courses, Le Parisien, France Soir, Turf, Le Favori, Turf Matin, Ocean Press).

number Cheval jockey
2 will read Gion M.
7 scottish melody Barzalona m.
9 Forchester Somilon C.
13 yes forever DEMURO C.
5 pink lady Bachelot T.
14 crazy red Basker S.
10 edamame Christos A.
16 Removal Hardwin H.
3 big rotation Bacon T.


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