On the eve of the Grand Final of the Miss France 2022 election, Miss Champagne Ardennes 2020 was a guest of the TPMP on Friday, December 10. Words have not been stained when it comes to the recurring rumors of competition fraud.

On Saturday, December 11, viewers will finally find out who will succeed Amandine Petit as Miss France 2022. 29 regional candidates compete and on the eve of the show, Cyril Hanoune on his Touche pas à mon poste Gwenegann Saillard, the former Miss Champagne-Ardenne 2020.

She was asked about rumors that the winner will be chosen in advance by the committee. While this was her miss in competition with Amandine Petty, she answered frankly.

“The impression that everything has already been played”

“Not forgery, that’s not the term I’d use. But it’s directive, more so than forgery.” According to her, it seems that some options have already been made beforehand. “When I had the opportunity to participate in the Miss France contest, I was able to attend the events where one already had the impression that everything had already been decided in advance,” He responds when Cyril Hanouna asks her what she thinks of these rumors.

Gwenegann Saillard says she’s already felt like favoring some of the failures, particularly toward the most successful social network.

The accusations already made by Miss Champagne-Ardenne which earned her a reaction from Sylvie Tellier, who said: “I can totally understand the disappointment of the loss, but we must remember that Miss France is a contest, and that as in all in the contests, there Only one winner. From day one, I tell them and I repeat to them. But one of the things we learn at Miss France, is fair play. And there it is missing…”, Then he reported to the Télé-Loisirs.

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See you on TF1 on Saturday evening

But this did not prevent the former student from repeating her doubts about the organization of the competition. Despite the rumors, the final will take place on the evening of Saturday, December 11, and this year’s vintage looks good, according to Sylvie Teller: “Not many accidents. They can all claim the crown.” The head of the competition replied. .

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