Christina Aguilera.

Mexico City /

After twenty years of not translating something into Spanish, Christina Aguilera seeks to renew herself with new musical themes, and is now immersed in the urban genre.

She began composing very different songs, in both Spanish and English, and produced various albums. 20 years later, I’ve grown up and I’m already a great woman, I have a great career, I’m also a mother, I share with my children what they are now, let them see all that my mom can do, for me it’s great it’s important to do it together‘, the most prominent singer.

Xtina, as she is also known, is working on the album called Power In which you will celebrate her strength as a woman, and in which there are many collaborations Nathi, Becky G and Nikki with “Pa ‘mis Chicas” produced by Rafael Arcaute.

He releases his third song.Santo‘, in a duet with the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna, a song also composed by Dallas K, Jill, and Josh Barrios.

This is the first chapter of the third act that I will create during 2022. It is very important to me, I love collaborating with Latin music, it is beautiful and creates a great atmosphere; I also love to go back with the women who are who they are, it’s been a long wait, all this‘, highlighted.

I love this experience, always collaborating with more adds a lot to us, for example, the song “With you at a distance” was special at that time; I love music in Spanish, there are Mexicans who please me and I learned a lot from them, like Chavel Vargas and Vicente Fernández. I feel strong because I love to share my songs with my kids and with my fans, it’s really coolShe added excitedly.

Spanish and Latin America means a lot to her because of that He’s known her since she was little to her family and to everything life puts before her.

It’s not my first language but it’s part of my childhood, I grew up with it. My dad is from Ecuador, when I was a kid I used to go to my grandfather’s house, my mom also speaks Spanish. It is something that always lives in you, no matter if you talk about it much or not, what you feel and above all vibrate in music which is intention, because it comes from a place where there is peace‘, he confirmed.

When it comes to composing music, interpreting and presenting what they are passionate about to the audience, the important thing is to present it from an honest place, which is why”Santo“It also has a special meaning that makes it vibrate regardless of gender.

There is a part of me that says I value music in general, and I don’t like to be put into one category, I want to have a selection that can be all over the place; Ozuna is really cool, it has all the elements that I love. For me, it’s important for my music to feel really complete‘, confirmed it.

I think my fans know I don’t do anything if I don’t really believe in it and I love it. At this point in my career it’s a lot of fun, and I want to keep creating; I am proud of what I do, my music is an honor to meShe is convinced.


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