Big Sean returns to Kanye West on Drink Champs

Kanye West may have been his mentor in the past, but Big Sean has made it clear that the bond has been cut. In November, West claimed that signing with Sean for GOOD Music was the worst decision he had ever made while guesting on the Drink Champs podcast. Sean was a guest on the same podcast earlier this week, responding to West’s comments.

“At first I thought it was funny. I thought s-it was funny,” Sean told hosts NORE and DJ EFN. “Then I took it personally. I took it personally because I’m the only artist to release five albums within GOOD Music. Cody left a long time ago, from a commercial point of view you know what I mean? And it’s related, right. So, I’m the only artist to release Five albums within GOOD Music.I am the only artist to have released consecutive #1 albums, platinum albums, and double platinum albums.

“By the way, signing with Kanye is a golden opportunity,” Shaun admitted. “It’s something… that changed my life and I love him for it.” But every time Kanye called me, every time, no matter what I did, within a day, I’d be in his place, brother. Whether it is to contribute with him in the studio, whether it is to contribute a font, write him a house. Maybe he would take parts of the verse, maybe the whole verse. Maybe just to help him feel it. Wherever in the world, brother, I’ve been around the world for this guy every time he called. And I’ve done this a lot and didn’t ask to publish. why ? Because it gave me a golden opportunity to sign with BONNE Musique. “

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However, Shawn revealed that singing with GOOD Music was a financial disaster and that West owed him $6 million. “When I heard this [Kanye] He was talking, it just didn’t make sense, brother,” continued Sean. “Because my manager saw my recording contract and said, ‘It’s an s-y recording contract.’ I’d never say that, though. why? It’s a chance and I can get away with anything… Jay Brown [from Roc Nation] He said it was the worst deal he had ever seen. “

“I had to spend my own money auditing my brand because millions of dollars are missing and you can tell when millions of dollars are lost,” Sean added. “I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on my brand, thinking Universal owed me that money and the money went to GOOD Music.”

Shawn told the hosts at Drink Champs that West texted him after the interview, but was too frustrated to see it was a goodwill gesture. “The next day he texted me and said, ‘I want to meet you and your mom to start recovering on both sides. I was pissed off… I took it so personally because it’s like you were publicly insulting me when I was for you,'” Sean said. “I love Kanye, my brother. I love him for the opportunity he gave me and all that stuff. But I thought what he said was about b-a-q. And I thought it wasn’t. It was a personal attack for no reason and he didn’t have to do all that.


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