Voice messages in . format The WhatsApp She is better now.

7 billion WhatsApp voice messages are sent every day. This feature is so popular that it has now been greatly expanded.

Hear voice messages outside chats

Voice messages can now also be played outside chats. It is finally possible to read or reply to other messages at the same time.

Recordings can now also be paused and resumed. This way everything can be recorded exactly as you want.

Visualization, quick replay and more

WhatsApp lists more improvements compactly:

  • Waveform visualization: This shows the audio of the audio message in a visual form, making it easier for you to follow the progress of the recording.
  • Recording control before sending: This allows you to listen to your voice messages before sending them.
    Playback from the last listened position: This allows you to play back a partially listened position
  • Resume the voice message where you left off once you return to that chat.
  • Fast Playback of Forwarded Messages: Allows you to play and forward your voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speed for faster listening.

The feature will be rolling out worldwide in the coming weeks. Some of you may have already received it – check it out in the latest version of WhatsApp.

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