Total confusion around Kalhanoklu's penalty, two shots

A streak marked the first half of the Serie A clash between Juventus and Inter Milan. In extra time, Nerrasuri received a penalty, which was converted into two levels before they were deflected back by Bianconeri for a mistake … almost five minutes later Calhanoglu was able to lead his team.

Four minutes and thirty seconds later, after a goal against Bianconeri’s side, the Inders were finally able to explode their joy in front of Juventus Stadium supporters. The first record came after a long turmoil in the weekend shock in Italy. This provoked the anger of the old woman’s coach, Massimiliano Allegri, and he got an extra ten minutes in total.

Despite the goal, a penalty was awarded for a mistake … by Juventus

In the 46th minute of the match, Calhanoglu stumbled over Szczesny on his penalty, after several minutes of hesitation and VAR’s intervention, Morata was then sent off for a foul. Roti looked at the pictures. . But like Danilo and de Lict, the ball bounces back to the shooter who threw himself, before entering the goal in the most total chaos.

A goal is not allowed quickly ஒரு A penalty to withdraw. Juventus’ Dutch midfielder Calhanoglu enters the box before scoring his penalty. Cards were distributed to Screenier and Quadrato for protest and instead of giving up the advantage, the referee decided to re-appoint the penalty spot. Time for another long intervention by VAR, Calhanoglu rushes to the second attempt.

Allegri’s dark anger

The Turkish international decided to place his penalty on the same side, on the left, but he scored hard and accurately. Before rushing to celebrate near the post in the right corner with his teammates. On the other side of the lawn, Alegri’s face contrasts with inner joy: furious with rage, he throws off his jacket. The break whistle is blown after the first action, which lasts a total of 55 minutes with twists and turns at the end of overtime.

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