The perfect hack if you suffer from tired eyes and dark circles you can do this way: it will change your life!
The perfect make-up for tired eyes –

Panda effect dark circles? Fear not, we have a secret for you to hide signs of tired eyes.

the Rings under the eyesUnfortunately, it is a common factor among many women. And signs of fatigue and time tend to turn off the sight. Sometimes, even a good night’s sleep can’t help improve the situation, because it is a “flaw” that is always there, regardless of the hours of sleep.

Of course, relaxation and rest contribute a lot to this condition, but also significantly makeup It can help camouflage lines under the eyes. You don’t need to be an expert in this sector, just follow these small steps.

You just have to understand how to apply makeup strategically, target dark circles and try to give your eyes a fresher and more vibrant look.

from skin careEven makeup, here are all the step-by-step tips to fight dark circles and hide them.

Skin care and the importance of concealer

As with any makeup, without a good base, success will not be as effective and efficient. Also in this case, it is necessary to prepare the eyes for make-up. Doing so is very simple, because you only need an app Revitalizing the eye contour, enlightening And wetting. It would also be ideal to apply the gods eye spots that go into deeper hydration. Alternatively, if you don’t have these items on hand, or if you don’t have enough time, use del ice to reduce swelling.

Once you’ve prepared the base, it’s time to apply your makeup. Start by choosing corrector right. Color is the key here. For dark purple and blue circles under the eyeschoose a yellow correctorwhile For dark circles with a light blue color It is more convenient a orange. After blending it, layer a classic on top, with a luminous effect. Fix everything with a veil of powder.

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The importance of concealer
Steps to hide dark

Find the right eye shadow

In addition to the lower eye area, to camouflage dark circles it is also important to pay attention to the upper area, which is the movable eyelid. In order not to burden the look, put the dark colors aside and use them bare pens, ghee. you mix well Eye shadows Which is preferred to have a matte medium color. It is better to choose brown or gray.

Why worry mascara, abound on the upper eyelashes, but avoid those on the lower eyelash line. This may weaken the appearance even further, and thus all the work that has been done so far will be for nothing.


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