Image du jeu Skull and Bones montrant un bateau Pirates sur des eaux bleues en direction d'îles

Ubisoft just announced the official release date for the hacking game that would have been delayed by several years.

Good things come to those who wait… 4 answer. Is enough, skull bones Preparing for its arrival on PS5, Xbox Series, PC and Cloud At least four years after the original release date. Ubisoft’s open world hacking adventures can begin from 8 november. A one-hour broadcast was also organized to mark this announcement, allowing the studio to explain what actually happened during development. Indeed, in the face of such postponements, rumors abounded and the players did not have the last word. It’s now done, and the previous delays finally make sense.

While the original project presented itself as a massive DLC forAssassin’s Creed IV Black FlagThe game will eventually go through various stages of development before it reaches what it is today. Initially thought of as a single and multiplayer naval battle game, the title will eventually take a similar direction to what Microsoft’s Sea of ​​Thieves offers. The title also changed its artistic direction along the way to become more realistic than it was originally.. So the disappearance of the PS4 and Xbox One versions is not surprising when we see how the title itself appears now.

Yo Ho, Yo Ho piracy live!

Of course, the live stream is finally (officially) introducing the very special gameplay that will be the core of the game. The game will be played in multiplayer mode with the possibility to join or not join the PvP servers. The goal is to encourage players to cooperate in a hostile world in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

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Players will be dropped into this universe with a simple ship which they will then have to upgrade using materials and money collected during different missions. skull bones It intends to provide a real hacking experience Efforts and craftsmanship are rewarded to achieve your goals as a bandit of the seas. Meet November 8 for an adventure with other freshwater sailors.


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