Instagram Fights Tik Tok With Radical Video Overhaul

Instagram has announced two big changes to how video is shared on the platform, but there’s a catch.

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Instagram has announced that it will now allow users to “remix” any publicly accessible video content on the platform, not just Reels as was previously the case.

Now, when viewing an Instagram video, you can tap the three dots near the top of the screen and select ‘Remix this video’ to begin creating your remix. The catch is that old videos aren’t eligible for remixing; only those uploaded since the update can be remixed.

Furthermore, the feature doesn’t appear to work on video uploaded as part of a multi-image carousel.

What is an Instagram remix?

First introduced exclusively for Instagram’s ‘Reels’ video format, remixes allow you to create new collaborative content by attaching your own media to an existing 4Instagram video and adding optional special effects.

Reminiscent of Tik Tok’s “Duet” feature, Remixes help users boost engagement with their video content by commenting on, or otherwise reacting to, videos posted by others. If Tik Tok’s success is anything to go by, they will also significantly increase the potential for Instagram content to go viral through popular remixes.

The changes come as part of a wider design overhaul aimed at keeping the platform relevant and fresh in a quickly-evolving and highly-competitive social media landscape.

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