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for several years, Riot Games He was asked to act in the film. Figures League of Legends They have a really charismatic personality and a few months ago they released several video games on PC and mobile that also have compelling stories.

Well, this Saturday, November 6, the same day the LOL World Cup (World 2021) concludes, the company’s first animated series will be shown on Netflix. He holds the title of Arcane and will explore the past of Vi and Jinx.

The whole story will take place in Beltofer, the glorious city where Runeterra technology was developed, and in Zun, the lower region which is in a state of decay.

The series will contain nine episodes and will be released gradually following the three-act plan. It can be enjoyed through Netflix all over the world except for China; There it will be shown for the first time on Tencent Video.

However, to celebrate this milestone achieved by the company, it has been confirmed that influencers will be able to watch the first episode of Arcane with their followers.

Premiere time on Netflix Latin America

  • Mexico: 20:00
  • Colombia and Peru: 9:00 p.m.
  • Bolivia: 22:00
  • Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay: 23:00

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