WhatsApp: How to perform a complete cleaning of downloads left by this application
WhatsApp is one of the applications that takes up the largest storage space on a cell phone. Photograph: Thomas White/Reuters

WhatsApp is considered by many to be the most important messaging app on the planet. According to a report by the same company, by February 2021 it had a little more than Two billion users around the world, making it the most widely used app of its kind on the planet.

More than two billion users turn to WhatsApp every month to send 100 billion messages and over a billion calls delivered every dayWhatsApp said in a statement to celebrate its twelfth anniversary earlier this year

Now, it is no secret that since this application is widely used, it is also one of the “garbage” that is created on any smartphone. In fact, WhatsApp itself warns it by communicating the number of messages sent per month on its platform, many of which are sure to be Photos, videos, audios, or documents This, little by little, ends up taking up the storage space of the device. Even GIFs that are searched within the same app end up being downloaded to your computer, making them take up more space.

However, often not all the content downloaded from chats is recorded in the central WhatsApp folder of the cell phone, so going to that area of ​​the device and deleting all the files does not guarantee a complete cleaning of the terminal; Do not take file by file in each of the chats and give “Delete for me” Ensures that it is completely erased. It seems that many files have been deleted, but the fact is that they hide only in areas of the cell phone that cannot be detected by the naked eye.

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For this reason, it is necessary to use an application outside of WhatsApp with which you can permanently and generally remove all the files that are no longer needed and which, literally, become a nuisance because they occupy the required space with more important information.

It should be remembered that this option only works with Android (Google) terminals.

To get started, you should go to PlayStore and search for the app Cleaner for WhatsAppWhich, as its name suggests, will only delete files downloaded via WhatsApp, so you don’t have to worry about deleting information provided by other apps on your smartphone.

When the download is complete and after installing the app, you have to open it and grant the required permissions from it. The app will tell you that You will need to find the root folder of WhatsApp on the cell phone, select it and click “Allow”.

The app will only delete information related to WhatsApp.  Photo: screenshot
The app will only delete information related to WhatsApp. Photo: screenshot

Immediately, the cleaner will offer you a complete diagnosis of the files that WhatsApp has downloaded to your mobile phone. You will just have to choose the videos, photos, audios or documents that you want to delete one by one. Now, if you want to “restore” WhatsApp storage on your cell phone, all you have to do is Click “Select all” and then “Delete or delete all”.

However, this last option has no turning point, so it is better to choose one by one the files you want to delete in order to protect the information that is still relevant to your personal or professional interests.

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This way you can keep your phone clean, especially if you don’t have much storage space so you can share it with “junk” files.

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