Armin Lacet apologizes for laughing at the disaster area

Lacet wrote on Twitter that he regretted that this was caused by a “conversation”. “It’s irrelevant. I’m sorry.” The fate of the victims is close to his heart.

The video of the short, 20-second scene was shared thousands of times on Twitter on Saturday under the hashtag #LacetLash. The Social Democratic Party leadership then criticized the CDU candidate. Secretary-General Lars Klingbeel wrote that he did not speak. SPD Vice Kevin Kohnert wrote: Question of character.

Videos now being shared on social networks show only a small part of the situation. Lacet stands in the background for a long time with a serious expression, his laughter lasting only about 20 seconds, after which he disappears from the picture. It was pointed out that Steinmeier also smiled elsewhere on the network. The discussion initially centered on Lacette. The full press release can be found here:

This variation is particularly sharpened by Steinmeier’s sentimental words. “We mourn the loss of a loved one, acquaintances and family members. Your destiny breaks our hearts, ”they said when they performed together on Ertstadt. It is good that the Central States and the Central Government have initially signaled that they will help the flood victims. He also thanked rescue workers who “worked tirelessly and beyond”.

Lacet spoke with Steinmeier. He called the flood “the disaster of the century.” The damage caused by the floods alone could not be handled by the state and municipalities, he said. Lacet promised those affected by the direct assistance of the flood that it must be paid for in a very unofficial manner.

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Erfstad was washed

The North Rhine-Westphalian city is under water, with plenty of water washing through the area on Thursday, tearing down homes and half a palace. On Saturday the situation is still dramatic, people are still missing and the edge of the demolition threatens to engulf other parts of the place.

Lacette and Steinmeier met with rescue workers from the fire brigade and other aid agencies and then submitted their reports to the fire station. In addition to Lacette, Olaf Scholes (SPD) and Annalina Berbaugh (Greens) have now traveled to the disaster area. President Angela Merkel is expected Sunday in the heavily devastated area of ​​the Rhineland-Palatinate. More than 140 people have been killed in floods in West Germany. Rescue workers are still searching for survivors.


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