Former Montreal Canadiens forward Andrew Shaw lashed out at the National Hockey League’s player safety division on Wednesday.

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Ontarians weren’t impressed by Jacob Tropa’s shot at Joker Khayr at all in a game between the New York Rangers and the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday. The Illinois striker lost the disc in his skis when a Big Apple defending man threw him hard in the upper body, near the head.

Khaira immediately fell onto the ice, appearing to be unconscious, and was carried on a stretcher.

“Are we going to see you protect your players or will you point the finger at Johar by pointing out that he put himself in this position as you have done with me on so many occasions?” Shaw wrote on his Twitter account.

The person who collected 247 points in 544 matches in Batman’s circuit also responded to several netizens who believed the connection was legal.

Shaw himself ended his career in April, when he was barely 29, due to multiple brain injuries.

For his part, Trouba stated after the match that he did not intend to injure Khaira, and even called the Black Hawk player to inquire about his condition. The latter’s name was put on a list of injured as he had to go through the National League protocol for concussion, but was released from the hospital the day after the game.


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