Peru national team: the good captain of Alexander Kalins

Johan Cruyff in a conversation with Jorge Valdano, broadcast in 2016, immortalized a phrase that fits perfectly with the moment of Alexander Kalins: “For many, football is played with the feet. For me the head and the feet are used.”

This year the Peruvian central defender has one of his main virtues: his good head. This strength prompted him to make good decisions. To prepare as one of the best athletes because everything good that happens to him is a reason for the time invested in his work.

On Sunday, in the Eastern Conference final, he made a special goal, which resulted in him being mislabeled against a center-right. The score was 1-0 against road play in Philadelphia. At that moment, Alexander Kalins’ mind takes center stage. Far from making mistakes, making accusations of himself and losing confidence, he continued, skipping that rare, unfortunate episode. He advanced, pushed his team and even came close to turning, from what? Upside down.

But last Sunday in MLS isn’t an isolated case, it’s a constant in his career, where we find patience and dedication as abilities that always go hand in hand. Patience to know how to wait and dedication when opportunity comes preparing. Thus, Alexander Kalins was outside the country for 10 continuous years. Thus, he found his place in the Peruvian national team. This is the number for New York City and the Football League. In this way he could turn to Europe.

At the age of 29, you can see a mature football player. Physically and mentally. Alexander Kalins is a PlayStation defender, and he seems to turn it around when you watch him play. And no, you don’t have to have a video game controller to decide well, it does so humanely, thanks to its good head.



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