Serious design mistakes in our kitchens: You won’t believe you made them

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, so it is a good idea to avoid simple design mistakes that could make it very uncomfortable!

When we design the kitchen space The aesthetic aspect should be put in the background Concerning the concrete practical needs of its use. This does not mean paying little attention to design however Always make sure the design is functional, Even by implementing a few small tricks you can be very effective.

Before we start listing possible mistakes in kitchen design, let’s focus our attention on that What should not go wrong at all.

Firstly The kitchen must be arranged so that all items have enough space to function properly. This means that furniture and drawers must be able to open fully, as well as windows. The sink, the beating heart of the kitchen, must be ideally functional to meet our needs and the furniture must not be large compared to the space we have (especially when we are talking about the choice of furniture and chairs).

What are the main design mistakes in kitchen design?

One of the most insignificant mistakes, but the most common of all, is Place the basin in front of the window But choose who unsuitable faucets, Anything too high or too bulky. This error often causes it the window can no longer open properly, So the kitchen loses its main opening to the outside, or at least part of it.

Only sliding windows go well with tall faucets — DesignMag

Still talking about faucets, another problem that often comes up is Place the faucet in the corner of the sink. This is not an error in itself but, If the tap is too short, So you don’t get to the sink properly, Using the tub comfortably would be impossible. At worst it will be necessary Replace the faucet Loading himself with additional expenses but also Make a new hole in the top of the furniture.

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regarding door openings, The most common errors occur especially in Corner kitchens. It often happens that the Doors and handles Furniture placed in a corner bumps into each other, preventing proper opening. A somewhat similar problem occurs in Linear kitchens: Often the doors of furniture placed next to the wall cannot be fully opened due to the presence of the wall itself. In either case the problem can be solved by prediction Enter an item called “nail” any spacer that allows you to get centimeters between one piece of furniture and another or between one piece of furniture and a wall.


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