Les Bleues beat Brazil

The young striker allows Li Blue to do so He leads the Tournoi de France Three days before the shock of this friendly match against the Netherlands, Finland won earlier (3-0). Marie Antoinette Catuto offered herself a double to make up for a badly started France side against Brazil (2-1), and continued to create panic in the counters four and a half months before the European Championship, on Saturday 19 February in Caen during the French Championship.

If the Blues are still wondering who will carry their attacking stats this summer during the European Championship in England (6-31 July), this Mehdi encounter against the Brazilians, is a remake of the last 16 of the 2019 World Cup won by the team. The Blues in a stretch (2-1), undoubtedly cleared their last doubts.

Kattuto, 23, has confirmed that she is efficient in all conditions in front of goal, even when receiving as few balls as Saturday night. A chance to draw on a goalkeeper error (23), then ideally positioned to deliver victory to her on a pass from Kadidiatou Diani (59), Paris Saint-Germain’s top scorer raised her total selection goals to 21, in just 25 matches! And that’s after a few days of becoming Top scorer in Paris Saint-Germain women’s history (134 putts).

The great guilt of Khaira Al-Hamrawi

After forming a revamped squad against Finland on Wednesday in Le Havre (5-0), Corinne Deacon is definitely back in her favorite attacking triangle, with Kattuto, Diani and Delphine CascarinoHowever, she was surprised by her defensive options, especially the creation of a central defender, Eve Sissoko, at the right-back position. The West Ham player, inexperienced in this position, missed the accuracy in the offensive phase and lost many balls in the wrong place, in front of the intense pressure of Seleção. Without landmarks, Sissoko left his place in the 56th minute.

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The most scrutinized was Khaira Al Hamrawi. Three months after her iron bar attack, the Parisian celebrated her first Blue term since October 2016, forever… A big mistake distorted his performance For her dabine in his area, an indisputable penalty was changed by “Queen” Marta who celebrated her 36th birthday on Saturday (19).

I was quickly moved by this waived goal, First for Lee Blue for six matchesAl-Hamraoui immediately tried a long shot, blocked it, then goalkeeper Letizia negotiated it badly, and the latter left Katoto in a street to score his 20th goal in the selection (23).

“Cohesion” and “humility” above all

A liberating achievement for 12,050 spectators at the Ornano Stadium, but the French are a little less. As in recent weeks, the celebration between El Hamraoui and fellow Paris Saint-Germain teammates Diani and Katoto remained cautious to say the least.

This is the whole challenge that awaits the management of this French team from now until the Eurozone: getting international players to live together in Putting “cohesion” and “humility” above sometimes strained relationships held by some players, according to keywords that Deacon has put forward in recent days to the press.

Besides Catuto, the other good news of the evening will remain the atmosphere of the Ornano stadium, joyful and playful in front of his choice, relieved to see a large crowd again after the sad crowd that Le Havre witnessed on Wednesday (3631 spectators). Wendy, Wendy! The fans chanted in each group, to encourage the captain to score again with a header after her double against Finland, then “Ola” was an example of the welcoming support for a France team that committed many errors and unusual techniques.

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A waste that must be quickly erased, because the Netherlands, the European champions, are on Tuesday night in Le Havre. A match similar to the final of this French championship, but above all a life-size test of “Katoto and co” before the European Championship.

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