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The intense summer heat has no intention of abandoning the Italian peninsula. Although the arrival of autumn suggests a drop in temperatures and the first rains, this is what dominates the latest forecasts, are mostly sunny days. Experts warn that “a large bubble of hot air with temperatures at 20/22 degrees Celsius at an altitude of 1,500 meters has invaded the entire Iberian sector, especially southern France, and is heading towards Italy.”

Sottocorona delves into the 7-day weather forecast: what the weather map says

what does that mean? According to meteorologists’ words, even if “most of the African anticyclone array remains between Spain and France”, temperatures well above average will be recorded in Italy. As stated on the website, this is an anomaly and will accompany us “most likely until the end of the first ten days of October.” “For this period, which will be very hot and largely sunny, the term October seems inappropriate given that the maximum temperatures will be in summer with peaks of over 30°C both in the north and in the center but also locally in the south. The exception will be Above all because of the frightening rise in freezing temperatures that may reach 4600/4800 meters or even higher in the Western Alps.

Autumn and winter forecasts with the return of El Niño: what Giuliacci knows

Very stable and warm days. “We will not have certain differences in the center and south while in the north there will be a very slight discontinuity. The Atlantic disturbance caused by a vortex in the North Sea will touch the Alpine arc between the evening of October 3 and 4 with some irregular cloud cover,” explains the 3bmeteo team. However, Africa is expected to make a comeback: a new heat wave will arrive soon. What will be the day with the highest temperatures? “The warmest day is expected to be Tuesday.”

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