This Sunday evening, there is a bitter taste for restoration enthusiasts. Like the wind of Teja Woo. One and a half months after the first round of the presidential election, the results are the same, albeit different. Eric Zemmour failed to qualify for the second round in the 4th Ward, although he had one of his best scores in April. Outgoing MP The former politician suffered another defeat with 23.19% of the vote, ahead of Serene Mauborgne (together, 28.51%), and RN candidate Philippe Lottiacs (24.74%), and his new party won less than 4% in this first round of assembly elections. “This is the score I predicted several months ago!” A national rally administrator is delighted by the SMS.

However, everything was ready to celebrate the much-coveted victory, which could have made up for last month’s humiliation. On National Street, at a restaurant called “Chess Now”, we put bottles of Rose and Appetizers. At the end of the afternoon the militants gathered in handcuffs. Some people wear the “Zemmour 2022” T-shirt to keep some good things out of the presidential campaign, which is a reminder of an old time. In the back of the restaurant, a supporter, Les Républicains inserter and a distant relative of Marshall Bedain, hopes his champion will win. “Eric Zemmer is right! Marshall Betten saved the French Jews,” says Philip, 76. Pascal and Isabelle, former Reconquest members of the Front, now welcome the “local” campaign led by Eric Zemmour. Of course they are disappointed with the outcome of the presidential election. “Everyone thought it was going to be too fast, but there is a story to be written,” they still want to believe.

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There is no qualified restructuring candidate

At 7:30 pm in the assembly, a man shouts: “Hip hip hip, hooray!” “That’s it, does he deserve it ?!” A woman in her sixties reacts and her eyes light up. But no, the results are staggering, and they are less and less. Gradually, first ratings begin to fall. Eyes meet, anxious, faces withered, disappointed. “It’s not possible,” activists react. “This is fraud!”, One of the audience promises. Eric Gemmore prolongs the suspense and pushes back the time of his speech. At 9pm, he finally appears, cuts through the crowd, and his eyes light up. He is urging activists to boost their leader’s morale after Gogol’s mayor and supporter of the far-right candidate, Mark-Etienne Lancet. “The results did not live up to our expectations,” Eric Gemmer acknowledges in front of his audience. And for good reason: no reform candidate could qualify for the second round of the Assembly election. Guillaume Peltier, Stanislas Rigault, Damien Rieu, Sébastien Pillard … all key leaders of the party were beaten, and all hopes of finding a reform representative in the National Assembly were dashed.

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“But we have a flag in every constituency in France, and this is the most important evening of restoration, and now it is everywhere in France,” Eric Jemmour promises in an empty voice, calling for “continue the fight.” “Come on! It’s over!” One activist relaxed and applauded before heading home in the evening. Instead of cameras, lieutenants of a frustrated candidate analyze defeat by “label strength”, which “always prioritizes personal personality”. Among Zemmourist factions, this new defeat is guaranteed not to tarnish the party’s “hopeful” future. Already, we are looking forward to the European elections in two more years. The rest of the activists agree without any hesitation. Trying to start a Marseillaise. You have to do it several times, and the last notes are finally scraped until Eric Gemmore leaves the stage. With his cousins, he isolates himself in the back room of “Chess Now”. A political committee will be held earlier this week to discuss the rest. Rue Nationale, a few enthusiasts, open shirts and sun-browned skins, constantly emptying the bottles of rose they provide, floating in pots. “We weren’t selected, but at least we’d have a good laugh!” One of them smiled and emptied the glass. The hangover tomorrow will be tough.

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