Titan, “the English car is able to locate itself.”  But the US government does not authorize this

Newfoundland (Canada), June 20, 2023 – No Solution For tracking Lost Titan submarine The area around the Titanic wreck may be much closer than you think. Until now United State They don’t seem willing to giveto delegate to put it into practice.

The US Coast Guard and Canadian authorities continue to search for the Titan submarine

According to The Daily Telegraph, The US government will prevent a remotely piloted vehicle from participating in the rescue mission from the submarine.

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Titanic submarine missing latest news. France has also started searches with ships and robots

Titanic submarine missing latest news.  France has also started searches with ships and robots

Company car Magellan Ltda team of deep-sea specialists, in theory would have all the potential To locate and raise Titan from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

And the expert group is also willing to contribute to the research; From 7 p.m. on Monday at an airport in the Channel Islands, Waiting for clearance to take off To get to the coast of Newfoundland. But even though it has already received the go-ahead from the Ministry of Defense to leave UK airspace, The US government does not seem inclined To accept the request to join the rescuers off the Canadian island.

second Britton Hunchack, former president of RMS Titanic, Inc. , who has partnered on several occasions with Magellan Limited, to search for American officials They would prefer another ship Based in New York. The latter, however, is only able to access 3 thousand meters of depth, in contrast to the “rejected” car which reaches the i 5 thousand meters.

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The Car

According to Hunchak, the Magellan Limited’s remotely operated vehicle has a winch capable of pulling submarines out of Atlantic waters, as well as having the ability to detect signals and send them to the surface.

a company Guernseythe westernmost island of the Channel Islands, which she had made the previous summer First full size digital scan of the Rms Titanic. A gigantic project in the literal sense of the word, in addition to being the largest of its kind. To do this, it made use of two submarines that they put together 700,000 photos of the wreckage.


A situation that Hanshak described as “painful”, as “irreplaceable human beings” could lose their lives.

“we’ve got British, French and American citizens on board Every minute counts. It’s not a rational decision, the car with the winch is the only resource we have and the team members are experts in the sector – he told the Telegraph, making his personal appeal -. Why not run both ships? The more help we get, the better Depriving us of this means giving up all possibilities of saving human lives“.

to echo him too David Concannonadvisor Ocean Jet Expedition. “The experts are sitting on the track, ready to go. We have a ship off Newfoundland ready to take them there – he told NewsNation -. And there are people whose lives are in danger. We have to act.”

Rescuers warned that It can take up to two days to reach the ocean floorIf the ship sank. A decision, then, of the highest offices of the United States, to be thought of as soon as possible.

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