KFC and Pizza Hut suspend operations in Russia

chains fast food restaurants Americans Kentucky And the Pizza Hut stop they Operations and investments in Russia and redirect their profits to help in UkraineThe parent company announced WL! Trademarks.

WL! Trademarks comment The operations subordinate Restaurants Company property Kentucky in Russia And finalizing the agreement lay off All operations Pizza Hut restaurants in Russiain association with its main franchisee,” he reported.

In a statement, he indicated that this action is based on our decision lay off All investment and development Restaurants in Russia and redirect all profits from Operations in Russia for humanitarian efforts.

He explained that these humanitarian efforts include a donation of one million dollars from the fund WL! Red Cross brands to support those affected by the crisis, activate the fund WL! Disaster relief to support franchise employees Ukrainian.

Also to match employee donations with charities that provide assistance in Ukrainesuch as UNICEF, the Red Cross, the World Food Program and the International Rescue Committee.

In addition, franchisees in the regions around Eastern Europe provide food to the refugees.

“As always, we remain focused on the safety of our people in the region and will continue to support our teams there Ukraine We also evaluate the ways in which brands WL! It can have a positive impact in the region,” the company stated.


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