Loud scenarios: High KO pressure during the first ten days of May: Look at those maps!

The anticyclone, which is being attacked from the west and from the east, can collapse again during the first ten days of May, even after the rainy episode on the festive weekend.

Indeed, amazing scenarios are expected, if only one of these scenarios passes, it will be another guarantee of large-scale and rather important phenomena.

Let’s see what it is: according to the Canadian model and partly also according to some US model emissions, Starting Thursday, May 4, a new hail may spread from the Northeast Which will move below the hurricane biased towards the United Kingdom again.

The result would be a barren formation similar to this, with thunderstorms and temperatures below the seasonal averages:

Even the control emission of the American model would see a dramatic “contact” between the Atlantic Ocean and the cold air of continental continental extraction coming from Eastern Europe with Disastrous consequences for the entire Mediterranean By Saturday, May 6, look at:

Don’t you love the cool turn and “connection”? No problem, there is always a solution that eliminates the anticyclone Bring more rain, even if it’s just a beautiful Atlantic depression penetrating from the west as you can see all the major models in their scenarios always average for the same time period, above all in between Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 Mayseeing is believing:

Summary: the situation is one that will probably be able to do without another precious rain After the one associated with the Labor Day episode. Obviously, given the time distance, the reliability of these projections is still rather low, but they are not negligible at all. Follow the updates!

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