Bribes in Ukraine, arrested Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Lozinsky: “Took a bribe of 400 thousand dollars”

He was going to collect a bribe of nearly half a million dollars under a government contract. The Ukrainian government refused Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Community Development Vasyl Lozinsky, arrested and accused of taking bribes from $400,000. bring it back Kyiv Independent.

An extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine took place on January 22 at the initiative of the Prime Minister Dennis Schmihal. The government approved a draft resolution rejecting it Vasil Lozinsky From the position of Deputy Minister,” reads a note from the executive branch. “The Government of Ukraine adheres to the principle of zero tolerance towards it corruptionHe’s still reading.

according to what is being reconstructed Kyiv IndependentOn Saturday, January 21, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine arrested Lozinsky, who was receiving $400,000 in cash. According to the office, it was a bribe to take Forged state bid.

Lozynskiy and his accomplices could have attempted to seize part of 1.68 billion hryvnia ($46 million) that the state allocated for its purchase Generators and other equipment during the summer. According to the office, they have agreed to assign the contract to the bidder Overpriced for a bribe.

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